Legal profession by legacy is what defines the roots of Kaura Law Firm.

Ajit Bahadur Kaura inherited the legal traits from his late father, Narsingh Bahadur Kaura, who was one of the most seasoned lawyers in Punjab, India.

Ajit’s rich academic background, ethics and efficiency in professionalism defines his aristocratic personality. As a young student, he started his educational career vigorously and passionately. He achieved degrees in Bachelor of Commerce, Business Management and L.L.B. In 1989, he was called to the Bar of Punjab and Haryana High Court as an Advocate. He had practiced in civil, criminal and revenue courts of Punjab.

In addition, in 1994, he aced one of the most competitive exams; Haryana Civil Service exam. His diverse pragmatic approach towards legal profession is commendable in nature. He was a Standing Railway Council Union of India. He was also a Social Activist as a legal advisor of Public Welfare Society of Jalandhar, India. He had also litigated pro-bono claims and assisted many impecunious people.

Subsequently, he migrated to Canada with his family. He then upgraded his legal qualification as per Canadian Standards. He passed his Barrister & Solicitor licensing examination and was called to Bar by Law Society of Upper Canada. His experience in legal profession of over 20 years is the fruit of achieving fruitful results by providing satisfaction to clients.

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